Useful Materials for Disaster Risk Prevention Activities


The Evaluation of the Status of Disaster Areas by using Recovery Indicators In the case of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake,  2nd International Conference on Urban Disaster Reduction, November 27-29, presentation data, 2007, presentation1125beniya.pdf (559963)


A Comparative Study on Response to Emergency Shelter Needs : Management of Shelters after Disasters in Japan, Feb., 2012

20130208beniya_for_web.pdf (453194)


Three things foreign residents in Kobe should know against disasters, Kobe-RMC Seminar handout, 2013, RMC_foreign_residents.ppt (1,5 MB)


Outline of Japanese Flood Management System, A Lecture handout, 2014, Japanese Flood Management System.pdf (898914)


Recent Japanese studies of the vulnerable people and its support system at the time of disaster, Joint Disaster Management Seminar, handout, 2014, Vulneabilities DMseminar2.pdf (439030)


History of disasters and management system in Japan  (Extracts from the handout of my lecture "Disaster Management") , 20131105History_eng.pdf (1463973)


Current Japanese governmental disaster management system  (Extracts from the handout of my lecture "Disaster Management") ,20131112Government_en.pdf (1016000)